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A Teacher’s Summer

Long after the last child has left the classroom and a teacher rolls a cart of materials home to work on over the summer, the reality of what a “teacher’s summer” means sets in.  For many, summer means teaching summer school – the extra income supplements a steady decline in teacher salary because of budget cuts and increased teacher expenses.  There are professional development workshops to attend, doctor’s appointments to make and keep, and of course, a plethora of new materials to prepare for the upcoming school year.  Too many things to do can find stress seeping into what should be a stress-free time.  Summer is the time to “body de-stress” allowing it time to heal from a far too intense school year experience.

Create a meaningful summer by taking time to sleep in, laugh, read a good book, and find joy in simple things.

Sleep is the body’s natural healer.  Be sure to get some extra winks in over the summer.  You’ll feel better going into the new school year because you did.

Research shows that those who laugh more often stay healthier longer and heal more quickly.  Watch a few good comedies with family and friends to lift your spirits, and lift others’ spirits as well.

Read a good book.  There is something to be said for a book that takes you away to real or imaginary places without the stress and money involved in actually going there.

Find joy in simple things – they are everywhere!  The warmth of the sun, the bluest of skies, a puppy enticing you to play, a child’s smile, and the pleasurable company of family and friends.

What are your plans for summer?  Here’s hoping they’re meaningful and serve you well!