A Teacher’s New Year’s Prayer

The road less traveled...

As the new year begins may we take time to reflect on the past, present, and future – confident in wisdom to guide us through a year of…

Hope for healing

Acceptance without fear

Peaceful days

Patience for positive outcomes

Youthful exuberance

New beginnings

Energy to sustain

Worthy personal experiences

Yearnings that motivate

Enthusiasm and zeal

Amazing grace and

Resplendent conviction for meaningful change

Sincere best wishes for peace and happiness in 2013 and always!


7 responses to “A Teacher’s New Year’s Prayer

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  3. Lovely and hopeful goals!


  4. Thanks for sharing Lana!


  5. Wow! Thank you for liking my first blog comment. That was a shock. I thought I would be the only one who ever saw it. You have an awesome site! To aspire to!


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