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Best school supply deals 8/5 – 8/11

Best school supply deals 8/5 – 8/11.

Best school supply deals 7/29-8/4

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We’ve gone through all the sales circulars and picked out the best deals on school supplies for this week. Some items are so cheap that they are free.

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Sales tax holidays and tax-free weeks for 2012

Fifteen states have scheduled sales-tax holidays or tax-free weeks in August. Check out our list and your state\’s details to see what you can save on your back-to-school shopping.

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Best school supply deals 7/15 – 7/28

Who has the best deals on the school supplies you need? Check out list, which highlights the best sales at Walmart, Target, Staples and more.

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Teachers shop – back to school

The current economic climate may find fewer families contributing to classroom school supplies and state funding severely depleted this year.  Less money per student will have teachers doing double duty when buying back to school supplies.  They will shop for their own children and the children in their classes as well.  Teachers launch school supply buying plans at the end of the previous school year and for good reason.  With the steady decline in teacher salaries because of state and federal budget cuts, every penny spent must be worth the spending.  Here are a few tips on saving big on school supplies.

  • Inventory – If you didn’t inventory classroom supplies at the end of last year – stop by the classroom before shopping.  Teachers often buy for the current year while leftover supplies from previous years keep piling up.  For example, when buying pocket folders, make note of color.  If you want blue pocket folders for writing – check to see how many you already have in the classroom.  Taking an inventory will keep more money in your pocket – where it belongs!
  • Needs versus wants – Shopping for back to school can be just as exciting for teachers as it is for students.  The economic climate however, makes it important to focus on needs versus wants.  That new calendar kit is appealing and you know it will look great in your classroom, but is there really anything wrong with the calendar kit you used last year?  Hang on to your money – you’ll find more important classroom needs to spend it on throughout the year.
  • Sales and coupons – Be sure to check the Sunday newspaper for sales and coupons.  School sales usually begin about a month before the new school year starts.  Before heading to the stores, search the Internet for additional “back to school printable coupons” – the money you save will be worth the time and effort!
  • Shop online – Shopping online through a website such as, may save you money while you earn points on every dollar spent.   You can use points on future purchases at a variety of establishments.  Be sure to order from stores offering free shipping to add to your savings.  Office Depot is a good example.  Today’s ad via MyPoints shows 750 points for spending $50.00 to $99.99 plus free shipping.  What a deal!

Get the most from back to school shopping by ensuring your hard-earned dollars are well spent!  Happy shopping!

“Free” items for back to school!

   Paper, writing tools, and a variety of items – check the treasures in your own back yard for some amazing finds!

The current economic climate contributes to a severe lack of discretionary funds for classroom materials. Because children learn differently, this could put a dent in differentiated activities that lend themselves to a variety of learning styles. How can teachers supplement classroom materials without paying for items themselves? First, make a list – think about classroom activities from last year. What consumable items were plentiful? What consumable items were needed most often? Making a list of needed items and referring to it over time will see you in good stead to find or ask for items from others long before needed. Here are five more tips on obtaining some worthwhile materials for classroom use.

  • Take stock at home – teachers usually have items at home that can easily be transferred to the classroom. Think about the items you purchased on sale that are in the original package, pencils and pens in a desk drawer, and paper you bought intending to use that somehow didn’t find its need. Wooden beaded cars seats make great counting manipulatives and craft items can be used in a variety of educational ways.
  • Ask family and friends – they may have similar items at home. They may also be a good source of “reward” finds such as stickers, treasure box goodies, and other classroom incentives.
  • Find free paper for writing – visit local print shops. Tell the owner you’ll be happy to take print jobs with errors for your classroom. You may find yourself taking home more than enough to share with colleagues. Print shop finds are great for use in any curricular area.
  • Check local grocery stores and drugstores – many display items, shelving, and seasonal items, such as cards, stickers and gifts, are discarded to make room for new seasonal items. Let the manager know you could put these things to good use in your classroom.
  • Search the Internet – search “free stuff for classroom teachers” for other amazing finds!