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Empathy: Taking a walk in someone else’s shoes

Another impressive moment in “stand against bullying” …

Bullying in the News

Bullying is a problem that affects everyone. The inaugural June 3rd Kidsbridge WALK2STOP BULLYING at The College of New Jersey was designed to raise awareness of positive social strategies to create kinder, more empathetic interactions among kids, teens and adults.

Research shows that empathy is declining precipitously in our society. Kidsbridge aims to reverse this trend by teaching youth and educators to not be afraid to stand up and speak out when they see bullying behavior. That is the only way things will get better.

Some 400 walkers completed a two-mile course following an energetic presentation by Grammy-winning kids’ entertainer Amy Otey (Miss Amy) and a ribbon-cutting by TCNJ President Barbara Gitenstein, New Jersey state lawmakers, walk co-chairs and Kidsbridge board Chairman Frank Lucchesi.

After their trek around campus, many walkers visited the open house at the Kidsbridge Tolerance Museum in TCNJ’s Forcina Hall, where volunteers answered questions.

The only…

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