What Motivates Teachers to Learn?

As the dictates of school administrations lean toward one size fits all instruction, teachers feel less empowered to make meaningful decisions toward student learning within their classrooms.  In the article What Can Motivate Teachers to Learn?  ASK THEM, Michelle Vaughn and James McLaughlin note teachers feel districts are working against them.  Mandated programs are restrictive and often do not address unique individual student needs required for academic success.  While teachers differentiate instruction to student needs, professional development training is not differentiated to teacher needs.  Would confidence and openness to new ideas by district decision makers lead to more innovation and higher achievement in the classroom?  How do you feel about your professional development experiences?

Vaughan, M., & McLaughlin, J. (2011). What Can Motivate Teachers to Learn? Ask Them. Journal Of Staff Development, 32(5), 50-54.

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